Give Your Child A Chance by Sankofa Student Consultants

Give your children a chance to work towards complete pan-African liberation (i.e. for the liberation of the descendants of Africans all around the world; to include black Americans, black Latinos, black Europeans, black Asians, black islanders, and Africans on the motherland) for the sake of their future.
Sometimes it takes one to look back at our own education and correlate it with the goals we have today.Many of us grew up with a white Jesus, reading classical European literature, and admiring the European beauty images on TV and in magazines.What this education did to us was motivate us to perm our hair, to seek further integration with European Americans, to degrade those with darker skin tones, to go to college for the purpose of getting good jobs rather than becoming entrepreneurs, and to abandon our neighborhoods as soon as we could afford to move next door to European Americans.
By providing our children with an Afro-centric perennial education, we give them an opportunity to …

Why do we need a Perennial Education for our kids? by Sankofa Student Consultants

A perennial education serves to unite the populace with the same worldview. Defined contextually as “existing or continuing in the same way for a long time (Merriam Webster, 2016),” explains how the community come to value the same ideals.
In America, the perennial education system is designed to serve and uplift European American students. By portraying European peoples as the characters in most school texts and educational videos, it builds the level of competency of European children, which in turn gives them the confidence and belief that they can do anything.
African American children are missing this valuable piece of education in their most crucial years of development. Instead of seeing themselves as capable, they associate capability with those they witness accomplishing great things; whom are usually of the European race.
In order to build the level of competency in African American children, they must see themselves accomplishing great feats.
I invite you to begin the conversa…

Benefits of an Afro-Centric Curriculum by Sankofa Student Consultants

Parents, teachers and thought leaders, it is time to lead our children away from the increasingly immoral educational worldview of the Western world and ensure our children receive an Afro-centric education.
Africans of the diaspora have been for far too long removed from our ancient heritage and ancestral knowledge of collective wisdom gained from over thousands of years of experience.
In the near past, segregated schools were found to be separate and unequal, not because we had inferior teachers, but because we had inferior funding, second-hand books, and outdated equipment and resources.Unfortunately, after so-called legal integration, the schools remain largely segregated and our community schools continue to be plagued by underfunding and a lack of resources; we’ve successfully removed our African American administrators and teachers out of their jobs.
Today, many of our kids have no self-respect because, throughout their lifetimes, they have been taught by certain teachers who s…

Deny Them Our Presence by Sankofa Student Consultants

While completing a personal history statement, as a part of a background check, to work in government service, I realized the only reason I stayed out of trouble was by keeping my butt in the house.After a recent outing with my father, I noticed that every time I go out in mostly “white spaces,” I have to either swallow my pride or risk going off on someone due to their disrespect.  
As an introvert,my quality of life is not reduced one bit by staying in the house.I finish a lot of books, I chronicle my ideas, I create, I publish, and overall I plan for the type of future I would like to see for myself and my community. Unfortunately, many of my extroverted friends cannot contemplate such a stationary life but I believe it would enhance the quality of our collective lives to the third power.
By staying indoors, we can give the much needed attention to the needs of our community, while at the same time, denying our enemies the opportunities to destroy us for simply existing.When conflic…

A Plea to Afro-Centric Writers by Sankofa Student Consultants

To help eliminate the confusion amongst our people on their journey of self-discovery, we need to come up with aset of literary rules to guide us.
For one, African peoples are the original HUEmans as we were the first to come into existence.All other peoples came after and should be identified accordingly.In our writing, Africans should always be identified plainly as people, men and/or women, and all other races should be identified by their mutated ethnicity (e.g., European American, Asian American, Latin American, German, Chinese, Mexican, etc.)To differentiate Africans from each other is the only time we should put adjectives in front of ourselves.
Also, we should always use the African names and/or terms to describe African peoples, places and creations, but we must also agree on what spellings to use.For example, we should never call the neter Auset, Isis, or the neter Ausar, Osiris.Using Greek terms to describe African concepts devalues the original and replaces it with a subst…